Viking Tackle and Boat Sales

Gold Coast Bait

At Viking Tackle and Boat Sales we aim to provide the best fishing advice to all of our customers. With an extensive range of live and frozen bait available on the market, our friendly team who can help you select the right option for your fishing trip.

  • Pilchards

    Pilchards are excellent bait fish for catching snapper and are at their most effective when rigged whole.

  • Squid

    Squid is a popular bait as it is effective on a variety of fish species. The most commonly used portion of the squid used for bait is the head.

  • Prawns

    When using prawn bait we recommend feeding your hook through the tail first and out the head to ensure it stays put.

  • Sand worms

    Sand worms are the best bait for beginner fisherman as they are inexpensive, easy to rig and can be used to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish.

  • Chicken gut

    One of the easiest bait types to rig, chicken gut is always a great choice for catching bream.

  • Frozen

    Frozen bait is suitable for a variety of different fish species. Contact us today for expert bait advice.

At Viking Tackle we stock a large range of lures (available instore and online).

Viking Tackle and Boat Sales are conveniently located at the Runaway Bay Marina (off Bayview Street) and open seven days a week.  Drop by to our tackle shop or give us a call to speak to our knowledgeable team of fishermen, we are always happy to assist customers by providing expert fishing advice and quality fishing supplies.